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At Dandi, we're on a mission to fuel global DEI progress through data-driven insightsFounded in 2018 and launched in 2022, Dandi is already serving more 500,000 employees worldwide. 

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Better business for all

Pinpoint the greatest areas of opportunity, and implement more targeted programs.

Set the right goals

Built-in goal tracking shows where you're progressing and where there's room to improve.

Track progress in real time

Best-in-class security and clear permissions mean sensitive information remains secure.

Work securely

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The future of DEI is data-driven

Dandi provides tools and insights that make every DEI program more strategic, measurable, and impactful.

“Dandi makes my job easier. If you want to better understand your people data, I highly recommend.”

"Dandi is, by far, one of our most valuable partners."

Dwight Phyall 
Program manager, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging, Oscar Health

Sara Axelbaum
Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity

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3. Drive measurable results

1. Gain new DEI insights

Serving over 500,000 employees worldwide

Spot the root cause of issues across the employee lifecycle.

Easily share data and visuals with key stakeholders.

Learn how Dandi can help you set, track, and reach your DEI goals.

2. Get buy-in

Learn what's working, what's not—and why.

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